Recruiting the right person from the beginning is resource-intensive and it is important to search for a wide range.

Reperio works proactively through headhunting in combination with announcing through Sweden’s largest digital platforms for job advertisements and appearing on social media.

In our proactive work there are many taken contacts and we hand pick the right candidates who are open to the specific service right now. By truly understanding the needs of our the clients and their business culture, we can represent the company and find the best match. By being our customers extended arm we get a better selection and a higher quality in our deliveries.

our process

The basis for a successful recruitment always starts with a well-completed requirement analysis. Initially, the consultant performs an analysis of the clients’ market, corporate culture and the competence in need.  

Thereafter, the consultant performs a comprehensive research of the specific market, both online and offline, through a proactive approach attracting the most interesting candidates. Through continuous updates with the customer, it is ensured that the work is proceeding according to plan and that the highest quality is maintained throughout the process.

The consultant make a selection and ensures quality of the most attractive candidates through competence-based deep interviews. Through our structural working method, we can present candidates for our clients after 25 – 35 working days.

In order to broaden the decision base, the consultant performs references on the final candidates. Upon request, we also conduct selected tests where we are certified in both personality tests and skills tests. In all assignments we have favourable guarantees and we also appreciate feedback on our work from both clients and candidates.


Reperio means “to find” in Latin.

our clients says

"In order to succeed with a recruitment, the recruitment company has to understand the needs of their client and the skills they need. I have used Reperio on several occasions for both sales services and significant head positions  and I have been impressed every time over the supply of candidates."

Lars Ruden


"With its commitment and professionalism, Reperio has both shown and enabled to effectively present a number of highly interested candidates in a time-limited recruitment, according to our search criteria. It has been safe and professional from start to finish."

Jonas Sundholm

Head of Regional Sales North, Festo AB

Festo AB

"The recruitment team at Reperio have provide excellent service to Cale.  They have helped us find high quality candidates and improve the caliber and professionalism of our organization."

Jeff Nethery

Global Products Director