second opinion

Sometimes it may be important for our clients to get help with an evaluation of already identified candidates for strategically important positions within the organization. The client may have a separate candidate whom they have met but they want to have further information for a possible employment.

Through a Second Opinion, our clients receive an independent assessment that authenticates the decision taken regardless of whether it concerns an external or internal recruitment.

our process

We focus on assessing the individual’s skills, personal qualities, working methods, strengths and limitations related to the current position.

We do this by appropriate skills tests, personality tests and referral. Our consultants are certified in Verify’s skill tests and OPQ32 personality tests.


Reperio means “to find” in Latin.

our clients says

"In order to succeed with a recruitment, the recruitment company has to understand the needs of their client and the skills they need. I have used Reperio on several occasions for both sales services and significant head positions  and I have been impressed every time over the supply of candidates."

Lars Ruden


"With its commitment and professionalism, Reperio has both shown and enabled to effectively present a number of highly interested candidates in a time-limited recruitment, according to our search criteria. It has been safe and professional from start to finish."

Jonas Sundholm

Head of Regional Sales North, Festo AB

Festo AB

"The recruitment team at Reperio have provide excellent service to Cale.  They have helped us find high quality candidates and improve the caliber and professionalism of our organization."

Jeff Nethery

Global Products Director